Movin' and Groovin'

Groover's energy never ends: Check out her most recent interviews, speaking engagements and appearances
Date : 25 Aug 2008
BThis Next

Visit the Butler Bag on ThisNext.com!

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Date : 20 Aug 2008
Curve Magazine

Be on the lookout for the Butler Bag in the Sept. 08 issuse of Curve Magazine in their “Hot, Hot, Hot Stuff” section!

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Date : 19 Aug 2008
Fashion Design 2.0

Jen will appear as a panelist in a discussion into the world of fashion designers. Learn how Jen and the other panelists use the online medium to market their products, promote their brand, and even their own personality.

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Date : 14 Aug 2008
6 ABC News

Watch ABC Action News talk about the Butler Bag and Jen’s new project called Launcher’s Cafe, a networking website for entrepreneurs!

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Date : 6 Aug 2008
Makeup Talk

Have you seen the Butler Bag? Do you like it? Enter a comment on this blog!

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Date : 6 Aug 2008
Just Kara Blog

Yet another mention in a blog!

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Date : 6 Aug 2008
Corporate Guru Blog

Jen’s philosophy from her Ladies Who Launch profile is referenced in this blog entry!

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Date : 6 Aug 2008
The Duchess’s Blog

Read this Ladies Who Launch member’s comments on Jen’s story featured on LadiesWhoLaunch.com!

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Date : 4 Aug 2008
Ladies Who Launch

Jen GrooverÕs inspirational success story is featured on LadiesWhoLaunch.com as well as the national Ladies Who Launch newsletter. Be sure to visit the site if you are not a member to read the entire story of JenÕs companyÕs growth as well as for more insight into her life!

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Date : 4 Aug 2008

UKprenuer talks about Jen’s success story!

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