Movin' and Groovin'

Groover's energy never ends: Check out her most recent interviews, speaking engagements and appearances
Date : 6 Aug 2014
Parade: 12 People Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Follow on Twitter

Young Entrepreneur Council puts Jen in with some impressive company.

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Date : 18 Jun 2014
Thuzio Executive Club & Jen Groover Presents

1980: When Philly Stood Atop the Sports World. Dinner Conversation with Bill Bergey, Greg Luzinski, Darryl Dawkins and Bob Kelly

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Date : 10 Jun 2014
United Nations Foundation: Global Accelerator 2014

Jen Groover is nominated as a delegate to participate in the first global accelerator tasked with discovering and deploying innovative solutions to drive progress on key Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the world to do list to alleviate poverty and build a better world.

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Date : 9 Jun 2014
Disney On-the-Road

Panel Guest, Jen Groover, shares her stories of innovation and building businesses with the crowd.

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Date : 29 May 2014
Market New York Expo

Jen heads a seminar for small business owners on: Maximizing Social Advertising to Increase Lead Generation, Engagement and ROI

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Date : 5 May 2014
Women on the Move Presents: Building the Brand

Hear Jen Groover and a panel of experts talk about building brands at NYU Kimmel Center 6:30pm

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Date : 11 Apr 2014
Power Panel: Sexy & Wealthy in Heels<

Learn success and money tips from a group of fabulous females.

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Date : 22 Mar 2014
Speaker: Branding and Media Training Bootcamp

Hear Jen speak at this event hosted by Something Creative.

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Date : 20 Mar 2014
Interview: Girl on Purpose

Vivian talks with Jen Groover

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Date : 6 Mar 2014
Interview: Todays Leading Women

Host, Marie Grace Berg interviews Jen Groover

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